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DIT How TO Brief #101 How to form dress concave radii
in the middle of a conventional
abrasive grinding wheel.

Yes, a side set crystal point diamond tool will do it! Yes, a full ball diamond tool will do it! But, should you only need to do a few pieces, diamond tools are not the only answer.

example: Form dress a .050 concave full radius in the middle of a grinding wheel. Take a piece of carbide 1/8" x 2" long and grind down one end to .100 diameter. Now you have a .050 radius. Fixture the carbide rod up in a solid setup. Feed the grinding wheel into the carbide rod and rotate the mandrel or wheel by hand, hand feeding in slowly. Soon you will have a clean, full radius in the wheel. This can be done also to put a radius on the corner of a grinding wheel. And for the one off shape it too may be able to be ground on a carbide blank and plunged into the grinding wheel.

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Harry G. Sachsel C.A.E.